What Should You Consider Before Buying A Watch Box?

Watch cases can be made of different materials, but regardless of the material, you should cover the inside with a soft material such as velvet to protect the watch from scratches and damage. Additional soft inserts can be installed for more protection.

What should you consider before buying a watch case?

First, you need to consider the potential size. Depending on the size of your collection, you can choose a Storage (In Norwegian “Oppbevaring”) box that fits one, several, or even a few dozen watches.

klokkeboks i tre

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If you're buying a watch case solely for the purpose, you can opt for a simple watch case that you can tuck into the drawer above your dresser. However, if you want to match your pieces with the interior design of your home, it would be best to buy a watch case that best fits the decor of the room where you will be spending most of your time.

This can add a fun touch to the interior and also serve as a great start for conversation. Second, explore additional details for some watch cases. The most common feature is the built-in glass window in the watch case, allowing you to browse through your watch collection without opening the lid.

Last but not least, watch cases can serve many functions. So if you're considering an option that can accommodate not only a watch but also jewelry or cufflinks, look for offerings that have extra drawers for extra storage. Some of the more luxurious watch cases are also available with a built-in watch winder.