Whats Fatigue & Its Prevention?

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Fatigue is a form of extreme tiredness. Fatigue can have lots of harmful effects on the body. It can affect your normal functioning and lead to diseases like high BP, diabetes, and obesity. Fatigue can have a lot of long-term effects so it needs to be prevented at any cost. Here are some things that you can do to prevent stress:-

Don’t Overwork – Overworking is one of the biggest reasons for fatigue. If you are working for more than 8-9 hours, you are prone to get fatigued. So, you have to be careful. Manage your time well, and avoid working for long hours. Have a chat with your supervisors as well if you are feeling fatigued. They can help. 

Eat Right – An excellent diet is the best way to keep physical ailments at bay. A right diet can take your fatigue away by helping you lose weight and giving you adequate energy to get through your workday. So, pay attention to your diet to keep fatigued away from your life.  

Sleep Right – Fatigue is your body telling you that it needs sleep. Therefore, you have to get a proper amount of sleep. The body needs 7-8 hours of sleep every night. So, make sure you get proper sleep consistently. 

Exercise Right – Exercise ensures your stamina increases and you feel fatigued less. Exercise also releases good hormones in the body that heal and reduce stress. 

There are many other ways to prevent fatigue. To know more, you can do a fatigue management course online