When to Hire a Gas Plumber in Geelong

Gas leak can be really scary because we all know how dangerous it can be. Here's what to do if you suspect a leak and how to prevent a potential leak.

Get immediate help from a qualified plumber in Torquay. Every wrong step can set your house on fire. Even if it turns out to be a false alarm, wouldn't it be better to hire someone to inspect your property and give you peace of mind? There are several things you can do between your call and the gas technician arriving to minimize the immediate risk. You can type professional  gas plumber nearby in your browser's search box for plumbing services.

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First, make sure the stove and other appliances like grills are turned off if you suspect a gas leak. If you can still smell it, open windows and doors where you can to try to ventilate the area. Spraying gas is less likely to spark a spark until you get help. 

The next step is to stop the gas at the source. If you use natural gas, you can simply turn off all the gas to the meter. Other gas appliances can be turned off at the shut-off valve where the appliance is connected to the gas supply.

When your gas handyman comes, make sure you ask yourself what caused the problem and how you can prevent something like this from happening in the future. Old or faulty gas appliances are often the culprit and can cause gas lines to leak into your kitchen. These eventually accumulate as long as they do not pose a serious threat.

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