Why Flying More Is The Best Cure For A Travel Phobia?

Many people have asked me about fears of travel – such as fears of boating, flying and automobile travel, and more. Are they justified or unjustified?

In reality, the most effective method to combat the dread of flying (fear that comes with flying) is to take more flights. Each successful flight will provide strong evidence to back the notion that air disasters are a rare exception, not the norm. 

It is difficult to think of one travel-related fear that can be "justified" on its own. If someone has been involved in a major car or plane crash and is thus afraid of returning to that mode of travel, their fears could be considered as "justified" in the context of. But, the majority of fears associated with travel rest on concerns that are likely to never come to fruition.

The key point is that, even though a moment (i.e. flying or the idea of taking an airplane) creates the chain of events, it is our imagination that drives it and keeps it going, which causes us to fear every time. If we avoid travel to avoid the fearful response, the avoidance makes us more frightened of flying.

To overcome fears, we must learn ways to manage our thoughts to ensure that they don't trigger those phobia-like emotions. In spite of the widespreadness of fears associated with flying, the majority of sufferers prefer to fly, and many resorts to medication or relaxation as the main method of overcoming their physical manifestations.

But, this might not be the best option for the majority of sufferers (esp. those whose symptoms are most extreme).