Why Is Garmin Express Important For Updating Software And Maps On Garmin?

The Garmin Express software replaces the software Lifetime Updater (or MapInstall) for updates to the mapping and adding or upgrading voice. It also allows the downloading of new vehicles (when I speak of vehicles, I am simply speaking of the icon on the map). You can search for Garmin Express download for Windows and Mac OS X, as the software works on both platforms. It is relatively easy to use. Previously the software had to be updated with the WebUpdater software. Garmin Express is now responsible for updating the firmware and mapping. I recommend that you read the article until the end where specifics about Garmin Express are mentioned.

  1. Before you install Garmin Express on your computer, you must agree to the Garmin Express Terms of Service.
  2. After starting the software, you will need to add a new device “add device”.
  3. If the device is correctly connected to the computer, you will have this window.
  4. You will also need to register your device and then give it a name.
  5. Subsequently, you will come to a menu allowing you to choose what you want to update.
  6. In “tools”, you have tools, to save your favorites as well as the possibility of installing other languages and files such as a new dashboard, a new EcoRoute file, installing new vehicles or other system files. You can also access help for your GPS by clicking on “Help & Manuals”.
  7. By clicking on Vehicles & Voices from the home screen, you will be able to install new voices and vehicles in your GPS.
  8. From the home screen and pressing “Check for updates”, you will get to this screen.
  9. By pressing “install”, you will have the warning not to disconnect your device, as you risk damaging it.
  10. Click on “Continue”. You will then need to agree to Garmin's terms in order to perform the update. All you need to do from now on is wait!